13 Piece Star Screwdriver Set

13 Piece Star Screwdriver Set


  • TX-513T
  • 13 Piece Star Screwdriver Set
  • Item No.
  • Item No.
  • Star Screwdriver (Plastic Grip)
    T-6 Star Screwdriver 145mmL
    T-7 Star Screwdriver 145mmL
    T-8 Star Screwdriver 145mmL
    T-9 Star Screwdriver 145mmL
    T-10 Star Screwdriver 175mmL
    T-15 Star Screwdriver 175mmL
    T-20 Star Screwdriver 175mmL
    T-25 Star Screwdriver 175mmL
    T-27 Star Screwdriver 215mmL
    T-30 Star Screwdriver 215mmL
    T-40 Star Screwdriver 225mmL
    T-45 Star Screwdriver 225mmL
    T-50 Star Screwdriver 225mmL
  • Blow Case

1750 4 8.0 1.65 006150
  • â?¢ Always wear safety gloves when working with screwdrivers.
  • â?¢ Always use the proper size of screwdriver tip and make sure it fits securely onto the screw head to avoid damage.
  • â?¢ Always choose a handle that fits your hand and always keep it clean. A greasy handle can cause slippage and injury.
  • â?¢ Always use insulated screwdrivers when working on or near exposed energized live conductors. Never use screwdrivers with plastic or rubber handles for electrical applications as they might not provide adequate protection against electrical shock.
  • â?¢ Do not carry a screwdriver in your pocket. It can cause injury when fall.
  • â?¢ Do not hold the workpiece in the hand or against the body while using a screwdriver. Use a clamp or vise to secure it where possible.
  • â?¢ Do not place your fingers near the tip or blade of the screwdriver when tightening a screw.
  • â?¢ Do not use a screwdriver as a punch, chisel, and pry bar and for application other than what it was designed for. Use of damaged handles, tips or bent blades may cause severe hand injury.
  • â?¢ Do not use excessive force if a screw cannot be removed. Instead, use an impact driver or other method to release the screw without damaging both the tip and the screw.

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