Genius Tools International Ltd. is actively seeking representative for all areas. We offer attractive commissions, protected territories and full access to our recourses. We would consider co-operation in the following ways: Agency, Sales Or Distribution Opportunities.

If you are an independent Salesperson that is familiar with a market segment that you feel our line is suitable for, please contact our Sales department directly. We offer a very attractive commission package, along with a protected territory that will work even when you can’t. Please drop us a line and let us know your interests, we have lots of open territory, some with open accounts that are waiting for you to call! The types of markets that we are most suited for are as follows (in order of importance):

  • Automotive After-market Jobbers
  • Industrial Suppliers
  • Fastener Supply Houses
  • Importers of Tools
  • Hardware Retailers

We are currently hiring for inside sales positions throughout the worldwide organization. Please contact the sales department for more details on our attractive benefits package. Please call only if you have had experience in the automotive field and live near one of our locations thank you.

If your company currently has an established market that you feel our line would be suitable for, and you employ a team of outside salespeople, please contact us to discuss the possibility of being awarded an exclusive territory for your specific market. This would include all currently serviced customers in your territory and referrals on an ongoing basis. We would work very closely with you on all facets of the enterprise. We also offer the following support structure:

We own large warehouses fully stocked with our full line, this enables our distributors to decrease lead times, avoid over-stocking and save shipping costs. We can now have product to the customer within two weeks anywhere in North America.

With a fully stocked showroom, conference facilities and technical support staff, distributors often meet with their customers at our locations. We offer the full support of all our resources along with the knowledge that all market and any product development plans are 100% protected.

On-site Research and Development departments. We do not just look for new items to manufacture, we also have an ongoing process to improve quality and have ensured that all international standards are not only met but also exceeded. We have helped many Agents to develop many new items, some of which are now market leaders.

Our IT departments are responsible for the development of our sales literature and maintenance of the web-site, we have cooperated many times with our worldwide distributors by providing free access to this department. Some of our agents rely solely on us for the development of their customized monthly flyers.

The sales department will help to establish and maintain a protected territory. As many smaller customers contact us directly, we will also determine which of these will be assigned to which distributor. You may wish to work together with the sales department on various projects such as trade shows or cross merchandising etc. We are here to work for you.

If you feel that you are in a position to introduce business to us, but do not wish to become part of the team. If, due to your personal introduction and referral, we successfully enter into a business relationship with a company otherwise inaccessible to us, we will be happy to pay finders fee and/or a commission on the sales for a limited time.