23 Piece 1/2″ Dr. 12 pt. SAE Hand socket set


  • TW-424S4
  • 23 Piece 1/2″ Dr. 12 pt. SAE Hand socket set

5600 4 23.5 0.88 017010
  • â?¢ Always use the proper type and size of socket and make sure it fits securely onto the fastener. An oversize or sloppy fit can cause slippage and injury as well as wear to both the socket and the fastener.
  • â?¢ Always choose the right drive size when working with ratchet. Use of small drive on tasks that require heavy turning can cause tool failure or bodily injury and vice versa.
  • â?¢ Always pull the tools toward you. Do not push.
  • â?¢ Always maintain ratchet on a regular basis. Dirt tends to build up over time in the ratchet head and if not cleaned properly, it can cause mechanism malfunction and possibly parts breakage.
  • â?¢ Do not use damaged or worn sockets or accessories.
  • â?¢ Do not use hand socket or accessories on impact tools or power tools.
  • â?¢ Do not apply excessive force when using reducers to avoid over tightening the fastener.
  • â?¢ Do not use ratchets as levers or as hammers.
  • â?¢ Do not use pipes or other extensions to increase leverage on the ratchet or hinge handle. Doing so exposes sudden breakage and can result in bodily injury.

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