21 Piece 3/8″ Dr. Star Head Driver Component Set


  • TX-321
  • 21 Piece 3/8″ Dr. Star Head Driver Component Set
  • Item No.
  • Item No.
  • 3/8" Dr. Star Head Driver 60mmL
    T-10 Star Head Driver
    T-15 Star Head Driver
    T-20 Star Head Driver
    T-25 Star Head Driver
    T-27 Star Head Driver
    T-30 Star Head Driver
    T-40 Star Head Driver
    T-45 Star Head Driver
    T-50 Star Head Driver
    T-55 Star Head Driver
    T-60 Star Head Driver
  • 3/8" Dr. Slotted Head Driver 60mmL
    1.0 x 5.5mm Slotted Head Driver
    1.2 x 8.0mm Slotted Head Driver
    1.6 x 10.0mm Slotted Head Driver
    #1 Philips Head Driver
  • 3/8" Dr. Philips Head Driver 60mmL
    #2 Philips Head Driver
    #3 Philips Head Driver
    #4 Philips Head Driver
  • Accessory
    Impact Extension Bar 75mmL
    Sliding T-Handle
    Reversible Ratchet Handle
  • Metal Box

2460 6 16.0 0.70 012120
  • â?¢ Always wear safety goggles and protective equipment while using any impact tool.
  • â?¢ Always use the proper type and size of socket and make sure it fits securely onto the fastener. An oversize or sloppy fit can cause slippage and injury as well as wear to both the socket and the fastener.
  • â?¢ Always use retaining ring and pin to hold socket on impact tool.
  • â?¢ Do not use damaged or worn sockets or accessories.
  • â?¢ Do not run the impact tool while placing the socket over the nut.
  • â?¢ Do not hold the socket or accessory while the tool is in operation.
  • â?¢ Do not continue to drive with an impact socket once the fastener is tight.
  • â?¢ Do not use hand sockets or accessories on impact tools.

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