14 Piece SAE Punch & Chisel Set


  • PC-514S
  • 14 Piece SAE Punch & Chisel Set
  • Item No.
  • Item No.
  • Flat Chisel
    6mm Flat Chisel 125mmL
    10mm Flat Chisel 140mmL
    12mm Flat Chisel 150mmL
    14mm Flat Chisel 150mmL
    16mm Flat Chisel 160mmL
  • Pin Punch
    3/32" Pin Punch 100mmL
    1/8" Pin Punch 125mmL
    5/32" Pin Punch 140mmL
    3/16" Pin Punch 160mmL
    1/4" Pin Punch 160mmL
  • Long Taper Line Up Punch
    3mm Long Taper Line Up Punch 200mmL
    5mm Long Taper Line Up Punch 250mmL
  • Center Punch
    3mm Center Punch 100mmL
    5mm Center Punch 125mmL
  • Pouch Bag

1140 6 8.0 0.45 006900
  • â?¢ Always wear safety goggles and safety gloves when using any striking tools to guard against flying debris.
  • â?¢ Always select the correct type, shape and size of punch or chisel for the application. Not only will it increase your work efficiency but it will also help maintain its useful life.
  • â?¢ Always use a punch and chisel holder to prevent hand injury.
  • â?¢ Always ensure the working end is pointed away from yourself and others.
  • â?¢ Do not use a chisel that has a dull cutting edge and never use a grinder on punch or chisel as it might alter the hardness of the material and cause tool failure. Instead, restore the cutting edge using a hand file or whetstone to its original shape and angle.
  • â?¢ Do not use a punch or chisel that has mushroomed striking head as small pieces might chip off and cause an injury. Re-file mushroomed end using a hand file or whetstone.
  • â?¢ Do not use a damaged or chipped punch or chisel. Oversized hammer can chip the punch or chisel and shortened its useful life.
  • â?¢ Do not use a chisel as a screwdriver or pry bar as the cutting edge might break and cause an injury.
  • â?¢ Do not carry a punch or chisel in your pocket. It can cause injury when fall.
  • â?¢ Do not strike a chisel on substance which is harder than its cutting edge.

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