13 Piece Metric Double Ended Offset Ring Wrench Set


  • DE-713M
  • 13 Piece Metric Double Ended Offset Ring Wrench Set
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  • Item No.
  • Metric Box End Wrench 75° Offset (Mirror Finish)
    6 x 7mm Box End Wrench
    8 x 9mm Box End Wrench
    10 x 11mm Box End Wrench
    12 x 13mm Box End Wrench
    14 x 15mm Box End Wrench
    16 x 17mm Box End Wrench
    18 x 19mm Box End Wrench
    20 x 22mm Box End Wrench
    21 x 23mm Box End Wrench
    24 x 26mm Box End Wrench
    25 x 28mm Box End Wrench
    27 x 29mm Box End Wrench
    30 x 32mm Box End Wrench
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4330 6 23.0 1.70 018200
  • â?¢ Always use wrench sizes which fit the fastener. Do not use metric wrenches on SAE fasteners, or vice versa.
  • â?¢ Always pull the tools toward you. Do not push. â?¢ Always use box-end as a primary choice and open-end as secondary where possible. Box-end secures the fastener better which help prevent slipping when using a wrench.
  • â?¢ Always ensure the wrench is securely fitted on the fastener and the adjustable wrench is adjusted to grip the fastener firmly before fastening.
  • â?¢ Do not use wrenches that are bent, cracked or badly worn.
  • â?¢ Do not overload a wrench by using pipes or other extensions to increase leverage or by striking with a hammer to gain extra strength. Doing so exposes sudden breakage and can result in bodily injury. Wrenches with extra-long or striking-face are designed for these purposes.
  • â?¢ Do not use a wrench if the fastener requires a specific torque. Instead, use a torque wrench to avoid under or over torquing.

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