Tool Drawer Organizers

Ever spend valuable time in finding the tools that you need for the job? After hours of searching you realize that the tool is nowhere to be found then you have to rush to the supplier for that particular product because the job cannot be stopped. Nothing beats a well-organized tool storage and would it not be even nicer if all the tools are perfectly laid out in front of you when you open the drawer? That is when Genius Tools comes in handy.

Genius Tools drawer organizers are an excellent solution to keep your tools visible, easy to access and hassle-free of finding the missing ones at a glance. With tools perfectly laid out when slides open the drawer, you can grab the right tool and get back to work right away. Not only you gain more time but also reduce tool loss when you keep everything back in place.

Genius Tools drawer organizers comes in 5 tray dimensions (1/6, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 and Full Size).  Each tray is equipped with tools allowing you to mix and match your favorite tool selection within each drawers and creating your own personalized master set.